Two boxes stacked on top of each other, black with white text. It says "The Puzzle Makers: Two Friends" on one side. On the top, "AI GENERATING A PUZZLE, BRAIN CHALLENGE, INTERACTIVE GAME, HUMANS AND MACHINES PLAYING TOGETHER, PLAYFUL, 3D." On the front it says "500 piece" and the project description.
Can you think like an AI?
A PromptPuzzle box, black with white text on top showing the prompt. It is on top of a completed puzzle showing an image generated using that prompt.

Create an image from chaos

We've turned puzzle-solving upside down! Forget about following a picture – can you think like an AI?

In this image-free puzzle adventure you'll have to unleash your creativity and embrace the challenge as you piece together the image just like a generative AI would. Are you ready to embark on a challenging, mind-bending journey?

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How to Play



Start with the prompt on the front of the box. This is your puzzle image description.



Try to imagine in your mind what that might look like, then build it piece by piece. Just like the AI.



As it comes together, you’ll be challenged to see like the machine in order to complete and reveal the puzzle image.

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